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Stephen Rook Artist Blacksmith
Unit 1 Dunmore Street
Balfron, Glasgow
G63 0TU

07908 544776

Left Steve's marking
punch and its mark
Top Stephen Rook

My work is primarily commissioned pieces for individuals and other design professionals. The work focuses on the process of hot forging steel and iron, taking inspiration from the natural world, translating it into the language of forged metal. Surface textures and details bring the forms to life as you pass through a gate or otherwise engage with a piece of sculpture through vision or touch.

High quality workmanship with a passion for detail gives the work energy and integrity. Patience is a necessary quality for maker and client alike; time-consuming design and creative processes are always at work, from the first sketch through to the last hammer blow. Each piece is unique; the soul-deadening mass manufacturing process that charactorises consumerism is cast aside for the creation of the unique and uplifting.

My entire ethos is rooted in the use of traditional forging methods, as these give so much freedom for creative expression and bring such life to the work. These methods are very evident in the medieval ironwork that often inspires me, while the flowing forms and beautiful lines of Art Nouveau and the beauty of nature fire my imagination for form.

I undertake large and small commissioned work and manufacture it in my workshop from scratch using the best quality materials and finest craftsmanship.

You are welcome to visit the workshop but please make an appointment.

Contact details

Stephen Rook Artist Blacksmith
Unit 1 Dunmore Street
Balfron, Glasgow
G63 0TU

Email artmetalsmith@icloud.com
Phone 07908 544776